Golden State British Brass Band Personnel

Jack Hollander, Musical Director

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Eb Cornet
Phillip Pacier
Terry Sakow

Bb Cornet
JJ Alvarez
Philip Coughlin
Rebecca Dominguez
Steven Einhorn
Mary Griswold
Thomas Laffey
Alex Lopez
Terry Sakow
Gordon Sheldon
Nathan Shetland*

Repiano Cornet
Peter Forney

Jane Carter*
Donald Harrell

Tenor Horn
Jana Cole*
Miyoshi Feliciano
Christopher Northrup
Lloyd Glick

Ed Craig
Craig McKnight
Brian Schrader*
Alex Waggoner

Bass Trombone
Jeff Price

Baritone Horn
Issac Gonzalez
Fiona Karbel

Gordon Mehus
Warren Tanaka
Norm Taylor*

Eb Tuba
Nick St. Clair
Linda Taylor*
Ray Trujillo

BBb Tuba
Jorge Garcia*
Zelne Zamora

Rob Shetland
Jim Thompson
Elaine Vanek

* denotes principal player

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Last updated April 27, 2015